Greetings to the saints of God and welcome to Even at the Doors, a non-profit, no compromising Bible based ministry whose main divine object is to strengthen the saints of God and awaken those who are spiritually asleep and to arm them with the right tools to prepare them for eternal bliss. At a time when many watchman have fallen asleep on their towers, it is absolutely potent that the saints are woken up out of their Laodicean slumber,challenged and agitated for their final test at the battle of the great day of God Almighty.  

This site covers a wide range of subjects, from prophecy, health and archaeology and it wants to fully equip the saints of God so that they are prepared to meet our Coming King when He returns in majesty, glory and power. 

You do not need to be a rocket scientist or Bible scholar to look around and see that we are living in very, very, trying, troubling and serious times where the world is very unstable, both in the political, economical and ecological sphere. As Jesus draws nearer to the end of His intercessory work as our High Priest in Heaven (Psalm 110: 1, 4; Heb. 9; Rev. 11:15-19; Dan. 7:13, 14) to eventually be crowned King and return to reclaim back His flock and as the prophetic clock is fast approaching towards the 11th hour, the LORD earnestly pleads with His people to prepare their hearts for eternity so that they are not lost. 

We are without a shadow of a doubt in the last and final stages of prophetic history and it is with deep agonising daily prayer of this ministry that whosoever comes onto this site will be spiritually enlightened  and will be preparing themselves to meet our soon Coming King.


Elder Adrian A. McQueen

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