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What is Sin? pt.2

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.
Jeremiah 17:9, 10 

Edith Starr Miller, Lady Queensborough (1887-1933), New York Socialist
"Today most of the good people are afraid to be good. They strive to be broadminded and tolerant! It is fashionable to be tolerant - but mostly tolerant of evil - and this new code has reached the proportions of demanding intolerance of good. The wall of resistance to evil has thus been broken down and no longer affords protection to those who, persecuted by evil doers, stand in need of it. (1)

Since the 19th century up until today, there has been a persistent drive, 'a war', both overtly and covertly by pagan intellectuals, entertainment icons and the cryptic underworld of secret societies, to eradicate the pillars of Biblical principles that have kept societies stable (e.g. marriage, religious education, respect for women and adults and a reverence for God) and a shift to replace it with a Greco-Hindu, Hedonistic, New Age Utopian world-view, built upon a philosophy of borderless man-made Neo-Gnostic humanism as clearly expressed by Keanu Reaves in the closing sentences of the most famous post-modern flick to date, The Matrix (1999).

"A world without rules and controls,
without borders or boundaries,
A world where anything is possible,
Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you."

But has it worked? In their attempts to eradicate, scoff at and undermine sin and to promote the French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau' (1712 - 1778) teaching of 'The natural goodness of man', it has only led to a fearless, nihilistic, anarchistic spirit in the up-and-coming generation  and has steered the cold, Darwinian, animalistic, anti-human, anti-God worldview that has been embraced by opportunists, neocons, multi-national and trans-national corporations and their political puppet pawns who are their mouth pieces in the very tightly corporate-controlled Mass media. One secular journalist in 1999 documented the failed ideological coup d'état of the heathens and the empty void it has left.

'In place of religious optimism, the West suffers from a deep underlying pessimism, which sees pain on all sides but can offer neither spiritual comfort nor the equally comforting thought of eternal retribution for the persecutors.' (2)

Paganism, in a nutshell is nothing more than an exaltation of the mind of man above the mind of God, where man worships 'the creature more than the Creator' (Rom. 1:25) and it comes in many different forms.
The educational systems of Egypt and Babylon that was later passed onto the Greeks (as confirmed by Herodotus), were humanistic centres of learning that had deified animals, human nudity and human philosophy, where the concept of sin was eradicated from the minds of each succeeding culture of each civilisation, but it has now been repackaged in the educational and artistic movements of Western culture from Medieval Europe up till today, through Scholasticism (A merger of Christian theology and Aristotle), Romanticism (an artistic and literary movement that deifies nature), the Renaissance in Italy, the Enlightenment in France, Rationalism in Germany that produced Idealism from Immanuel Kant, that teaches only the mind can determine the truth and Darwinism in England, which has bred Eugenics, positivism, surrealism, existentialism, deism, relativism, secular humanism, Cabalism, Scientology, 5% (Nations of Gods and Earths), environmentalism and the New Age movement, which are nothing more than different forms of paganism perfectly constructed for each generation and culture.

A few scholars who have carefully assessed modern education and have observed that in order to indoctrinate and capture the next generation you need to get them while they are young and impressionable where you can mould they're thinking from early. The Jesuits and the Japanese maxim is give me the child from 1 to 7 and I will show you the man.

'Paganism, moreover, has but one model for all men; its aim is to ever crush individuality and mould all characters alike. 
 The world from the days of Eve to the present time ... use the mind to decide the truth instead of taking a direct statement from the Author of wisdom. From this one false premise comes the doctrine of the natural immortality of man, with its endless variations, some modern names of which are theosophy, Spiritualism, reincarnation, and evolution.
 If Egypt offered the ground for the germination of the seed of pagan education, Greece brought the plant to its seed-producing state; and Rome, acting as the wind with the thistle down, scattered pagan education abroad.
 Philosophy is the account which the mind gives to itself of the constitution of the world. All attempts, then, to account for the constitution of the world  when a "thus saith the Lord," is refused, is philosophy. And  philosophy is Plato.
From Plato Europe and America have gained their ideas of evolution. Plato brought these ideas from Egypt and Babylon, and the schools of to-day follow this man-made philosophy.
Mahometanism draws all it's philosophy, in its handbook of morals, ... from him [Plato]. Mysticism finds in Plato all its texts.
The works of Plato were extensively studied by the Church Fathers. If the early church adopted the system of Plato, one does not wonder that by the Middle Ages Europe was ready for Greek philosophy. 
Since the French Revolution particularly, the study of Plato has been pursued with renewed vigour in Germany, France and England. (3)

Plato (424/423 BC - 348/347 BC), the father of Western philosophy

'In science, humanity is seen as not differing fundamentally from animals.
In philosophy, the change can be seen in the destruction of the concept of fixity, an absence of absolutes. As natural forms change, so does knowledge and reality. Ethics develops from situations.
In music and the arts, there has been a loss of structure. The emphasis is on personal experience and expression. This is a frustrating search for universals. Because absolutes have been lost, there is a striving for something to take their place.
In psychology, human behaviour patterns are seen as deriving from animal origins.
In the social sciences, the concept of sin is rejected. Man is seen us basically good. His circumstances are determined by economic needs.' (4)

The following individuals are probably one of the most influential individuals that have shaped Western ideology, where whole systems have been built upon their teachings. The care-free, hippy New Age drug-culture of the 1960s, was greatly influenced by these Satanic ideas which has led to the post-modern culture of today, a generation with no fixed ideals.

François Rabelais (c.1494 - 1553), French Renaissance writer and humanist
'Fais ce que tu voudras' (Do what thou wilt)
(a motto adopted by the Hellfire Club in 18th century England and Ireland and later embraced by William Blake and Aleister Crowley)

Charles Robert Darwin (1809-1882), English naturalist
"I can entertain no doubt, after the most deliberate judgment of which I am capable, that the view which most naturalists until recently entertained - namely, that each species has been created - is erroneous.
In the survival of favoured and individual races, during the constantly-recurrent Struggle for Existence, we see a powerful and everacting form of Selection.
As the individuals of the same species come in all respects into the closest competition with each other, the struggle will generally be most severe between them; it will be almost equally severe between the varieties of the same species, and next in severity between the species of the same genus. On the other hand the struggle will often be severe between beings remote in the scale of nature.
Natural selection will preserve and thus separate all the superior individuals, allowing them freely to intercross, and will destroy all the inferior individuals." (5)

Karl Marx (1818-1883), Germany philosopher, economic historian
"Die Religion ... ist das Opium des Volkes" (Religion is the opiate of the masses).

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), Austrian-Jewish neurologist, father of Psychoanalysis and modern Psychology
"Religion is an illusion, and it derives it's strength from it's readiness to fit in with our instinctual wishful impulses."

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900), German philosopher, 
“God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him.”

Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Елена Петровна Блаватская (1831-1891), Russian mystic, founder of Theosophy and the co-founder of the Theosophical Society, one of the pioneers of the New Age movement
"Thus 'Satan,' once he ceases to be viewed in the superstitious, dogmatic, unphilosophical spirit of the Churches, grows into the grandiose image of one who made terrestrial a divine MAN; who gave him, throughout the long cycle of Mahala-kapla the law of the Spirit of Life, and made him free from the Sin of Ignorance, hence of death." (6)

Saul David Alinsky (1909 - 1972), Jewish-American Chicago-based community organizer and writer (inspirer of Hilary Rodhman Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama)
'Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder
acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all
our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to
know where mythology leaves off and history begins -
or which is which), the first radical known to man
who rebelled against the establishment and did it
so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom
- Lucifer
(quoted from the introductory of his book Rules for Radicals)

We cannot deny that organised religion is very corrupted, a true honest Christian who isn't blinded can see that, for many individuals always have their own self-interests at heart, but arrogant pagans and shallow, weak liberal Christians have been unable to distinguish the difference between religion (not in the Biblical context - James 1:27) and an individual' faith.

Some of the most catchiest songs in modern pop-culture make an attack on Jesus, sin and the whole plan of redemption, nurturing the anarchistic spirit in the modern mind. Very few people actually listen to the lyrics of a song, they just follow blindly, hum or nod their head without question. Music, especially the videos, can accomplish in a catchy anthem in moments, what an educational centre would take years to accomplish. What is the difference between Bob Marley' "Get up, Stand up" and John Lennon' "Imagine"?

Nesta Robert "Bob" Marley (1945-1981), Jamaican singer-songwriter

Get up, Stand Up (1973)
"Most people think,
Great god will come from the skies,
Take away everything
And make everybody feel high.
But if you know what life is worth,
You will look for yours on earth:
And now you see the light,
You stand up for your rights. jah!"

John Lennon (1940-1980), English songwriter, founding member of the pop band The Beatles

Imagine (1971)
"Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today..."
(In 2004 Rolling Stones magazine ranks it at #3 as one of the greatest 500 songs of all time)

Robbie Williams, British singer-songwriter, former member of pop band Take That

Bodies (2009)
"Jesus didn't die for you, what do you want?
(I want perfection)
Jesus didn't die for you, what are you on?
Jesus didn't die for you
Jesus didn't die for you
Jesus didn't die for you"

Shawn Corey Carter, aka Jay-Z, American rapper and businessman

Empire State of Mind (2009)
"And Jesus can't save you, life starts when the church ends."

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga, American singer-songwriter

Judas (2011)
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh,
I'm in love with Ju-das, Ju-das
When he comes to me, I am ready
I wash his feet with my hair if he needs
Forgive him when his Tongue lies through his brain
Even after three times he betrays me

Despite the rebellious spirit in modern music and the pagan ideologies by so-called intellects, research conducted by secular journals have carefully observed that the godless ideologies of Darwin, Marx and Freud have not in any way shape or form benefited mankind, but have been more destructive than good. They all teach that we live in a purposeless world and there is no such thing as sin. Freudism is a phallic philosophy that teaches that we are nothing more than erotic beings led by our sexual drives. Karl Marx, the godfather of modern political racial genocide and inspirer of Lenin and Hitler, taught that we are nothing more than economic beings. Charles Robert Darwin has had one of the greatest influences in modern thought, 'Natural Selection' is not a new idea just repackaged Platonism. It has no value for human life like Marxism and teaches like its offspring Freudism, that man is no different from the animals. It has influenced post-world War II English literature, like Lord of the Flies by William Golding (1954), Animal Farm by George Orwell (1945) and films, Frankenstein (1931), 2001: Space Odyssey (1968), Planet of the Apes (1968, 2001), Jurassic Park III (2001), Alien Resurrection (1997), Splice (2009) and X-Men (2000). 

The following quotes are from secular journals and the scriptural texts to go alongside them. Man is always trying to create a society where he feels he does not need instruction from above but the results are always destructive.

Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.
Colossians 2:8

'Philosophy is dead. Philosophy has not kept up with modern developments in science, particularly physics.' (7)

For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.
I Corinthians 3:19

'Exactly how humanity became human is still a matter of debate. Of the three great secular faiths born in the 19th century - Darwinism, Marxism and Freudism - the second died swiftly and painfully and the third is slipping peacefully away.' (8)

'The Homo genus came into existence around two million years ago, possibly evolving from the Australopithecines, the 'southern apes' that lived in sub-Saharan Africa before this period. However, the paucity of the fossil record for this critical period in human history has cast doubt on exactly how the ape-to-human transition occurred.' (9) 

To prove that the direction of secularism and its downplaying of sin is nothing more than a restoration of the superstitious Medieval educational centres of Papal Europe, it is a must to quote from a reliable source who lived in that dark period, educated by it, saw how it worked and the effects it had on the thinking of men and this will confirm that Darwinism and its many pagan children is nothing more than an amalgam of the nature worship of Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek and Hindu paganism with a new facelift under a different guise.

William Tyndale (c. 1492 - 1536), English scholar, Bible translator
'Aristotle, Plato and Socrates, and all the doctrine of the philosophers the very gods of our school men. 
They will say yet more shamefully, that no man can understand the scriptures without philautia, that is to say philosophy. A man must first be well seen in Aristotle ere he can understand the scripture say they. Aristotle's doctrine is, that the world was without beginning and shall be without end, and that the first man never was and the last shall never be. And that God doth all of necessity, neither careth what we do neither will ask any accompts of that we do. Without this doctrine how could we understand the scripture that saith, God created the world of nought, and God worth all things of his free will and for a secret purpose, and that we shall rise again, and that God we have accepts of all that we have done in this life.' (10)

The image above is a prophecy in the book of Daniel, the second chapter that was given 'in the second year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar' which chronologists have dated to 603 B.C. It shows a an image comprised of different metals. Each metal represents a succeeding kingdom/empire or political power. The 'head' of gold symbolises Babylon, the 'breast and arms of silver' represents Medo-Persia, the 'belly and thighs of brass' represents Greece, the 'legs of iron' represents pagan Rome and the 'feet part of iron and part of clay' represents Papal Rome and its terrain, Europe. The metals devalue with each succeeding empire which is a clear testament that mankind morally debased over time. This prophecy is a blow in the face to the theory of evolution, that teaches that each succeeding generation is evolving and getting better more better.
The following artefacts verifies that each empire just borrows the arts, architecture and philosophy from the previous one and moulds it into their own image.

Painting of winged cherubs from the Amorites (c. 1900 - 1700 B.C.), who lived in Iraq, (ancient Babylon)
Winged cherub from Assyrian empire

Winged cherub from Medo-Persian Empire

Winged cherubs from ancient Greece

When most people think of the NEW WORLD ORDER, they automatically think of global elitists, oligarchical dynasties, the black nobility, rich banking families and oil magnates that manipulate and pull the strings that govern the economic and political direction of the world, but what is generally overlooked and passed over is the reprogramming of the modern mind through the Hegelianistic Dialectic in modern higher educational institutions and the post-modern pagan philosophy of modern pop-culture that affects how we view ourselves through the eye of the tightly corporate controlled media.

If a NWO (New World Order) is to be implemented, nobody in their right mind is going to wilfully give up their cherished freedoms without a fight, so a gradual desensitising to what sin is and a softening process to guilt has to take place first and this is slowly and carefully being accomplished by the gradual erosion of Biblical teachings, through the growth of secular humanism, the educational systems, the violence and occultism in video games and the celebrity obsessed entertainment industry where individuals are stealthily being paganised.

Note: Brad Pitt in the anarchic flick 'The Fight Club' (1999), Ice Cube in the gangster flick 'Boyz N' the Hood' (1991), Al Pacino in the Satan glorifying epic, 'The Devil's Advocate' (1997) and the foolish comedy starring Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Chris Rock, 'Dogma' (1999), all launch blasphemous attacks against God, sin, salvation, the devil and the role of Jesus in the plan of redemption for fallen man).

The more man rejects the Word of God, the easier it will be for him to be deceived, where 'God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie' (II Thess. 2:11). It is important that for individuals to not get distracted and to not be deceived in the closing stages of prophetic history (Matt. 24:4, 5, 11, 24), we all have to earnestly plead to God for His mercy and He will hear our cry.

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.
Jeremiah 29:11-13  

One of the most powerful prophetic parables is the parable of the sower. It teaches what will eventually happen to all sin and its destructive effects. The sower, who is Christ, sowed the seed, which represents the word of God (Luke 8:11). The field He sowed it in, is the world. We are now coming to the harvest, which is the end of the world and the reapers that are going to gather the tares are the angels (Matt. 13). Whose side will you be on? 

Source: (1) OCCULT THEOCRACY by Lady Queensborough p.8; (2) Daily Mail, Friday, July 2, 1999; (3) Living Fountains or Broken Cisterns by E. A. Sutherland pp. 33, 101, 103, 106, 108, 109, (4) The Case for Creationism by Colin Mitchell pp. 16, 17; (5) The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin pp. 6, 277, 642; (6) The New World Religion by Gary H. Kah p.23 quoting from The Secret Doctrine, vol. I by Madame Blavatsky; (7) THE TIMES, Eureka, issue 12, September 2010; (8) THE ECONOMIST, December 24, 2005; (9) The Independent, Friday, 9 April 2010; (10) The Obedience of a Christian Man by William Tyndale pp. 21, 45

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